Our services

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.


IT Consulting services assist you in ensuring that your IT is able to quickly and efficiently adapt to new business requirements, and is delivered in the most cost-effective model to suit the pace of your business growth.


Most of the software QA outsourcing processes are aimed specifically at reducing the cost and time to have your software tested. It could be a good approach but we believe that it is quite simplistic and leaves value unrealized. We think value needs to be measured by the ratio of effort to benefits..


Sunsara inc.. is a rapidly growing consulting, technology and professional services company focused on utilizing technology to drive business value. We provide business consulting solutions to Fortune 500 companies, Mid-size and public sector entities by first seeking to understand their unique business challenges and opportunities then building specific solutions that drive business.


In today’s times when a lot of industries are continually exposed to external as well as internal risks, it has become extremely important for businesses to leverage technology in order to achieve a superlative business performance.